Wednesday, 28 December 2011

second blog

so this is my second blog of many more to come; in this blog i would like to tell you a little big about me.I am 13 years young, i am in year 8 at secondary school and i love writing.I have been told i am a very opnionted person which i surpose the best way to get it out is to write about it.I am into all things vintage,and i also love indie fashion.

So as a normal teenage girl i love music, so here are a few of my faveroit bands and singers;
-the kooks
-ed sheeran
-bruno marz
-jessie j
-katy perry
-ellie goulding
-greyson chance
And there are many more,

Also i am into art and photography so if you hav a blog with some photography and art then please leave a comment and i will check out your blog

much love Jemma xox


  1. plase excuse some of the typos and spelling mistakes xx

  2. You sound just like me, I love anything vintage but I am also in love with indie fashion. I'll definitely be reading your blog from now on xxx

  3. thank you megan, i will have to have a read of your blog , and more likely follow(: xxx