Friday, 30 December 2011

favourite make up items!

heys so this is just some of my favourite make up items this month ,they are all drug store products (:

1.maybeline pure cover mineral concealer, i like this concealer alot because it actully works! it covers under eye circles and blemishs without blocking your pores.So its perfect for me because im a lover for flawless skin! At the moment this concealer is on offer at boots for a bargain of £3.09! when it usally retails for around £6 which is still a good price for this concealer.(i am shade 03 sand)

2.collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer,this is also an amazing concealer with very full coverage without looking cakey so its a win win.Another amazing thing about this concealer is the price usallying retailing at around £4-£5 but this is also on offer at boots for around £3! Ive noticed this product gets mentioned alot on youtube by some of my favourite beauty gurus, they things its amazing too, and lets face it, there all gorg! ( i have shade 1 fair but its a bit light for me)

3.rimmel stay matt pressed powerder,I love this powder, i use this through out the day to stay matt and fresh although my skin never really gets oily theres not really much to say about this,but i really recoment this product for everyone because its great! this powder retails at around £4 which is an amazing price!

4.MUA mosaic bronzer shade 2 sunkissed glow, i would say this is more of a blusher because its mainly pinks and peaches.Although i love this, you have to be very carefull how much you apply because its very pigmented.But if you do it gently and stutle it can look very beautiful.This is around £2.50

5.Collection 2000 perfect finish foundation,ive really been enjoying using this foundation lately , it applys really nicely and leaves skin looking flawless.On the bottle it says its air-whipped but im not too sure on what that means.Also this foudation has spf 20 in it so its good for thoses sunny days! I would say this foundation is medium-full coverage.IT costs around £4-£6 i am shade 2 ivory.

6.loreal true match foundation, i am in love with this foundation, its the best on i have personally every tried.It looks so natural and flawless.Its super blendable also it has spf 17.This costs around £10 but i think it would sell for £30! i am shade W3 golden beige

7.MUA plumping lip gloss, I like this lipgloss for the colour and the fact its not sticky.It plumps your lips a little bit , but for me if i get it on my toungue it burns a little bit it does not hurt tho and it dosnt really bother me tho. this lip gloss is £2 and only availible at superdrug (mine is shade candy pink)

8.&9.mua lip sticks (shade14 juicy& 15 bare) i believe theses are new colours and i really like them.

10. miss sporty lipstick shade 009 innocence, i perchaced this listick about 6 weeks ago and ive been useing it alteast every 3 days , its a lovly colour you can make it so its really bright or if you apply it gently it will be more sutable for eveeryday and it spells like watermellon

11. boujois liner stylo eyeliner,this eye liner is retractable which is so much easyer and also to make the point more 'pointy' you can pull out the grey bit at the end and its a special sharpener.The eye liner glides on smoothly and it lasts quite a while on the water line and you if you put it on you top lash like and smudge it a bit it makes some definiton in your eyes without tones of eyeshadow! i think this costs around £5 but im not 100% sure on that.

12.MUA eye shadow pallet heaven and earth,I think this was the best £4 ive ever spend , i love this pallet its so easiy to create lots of differnt looks from natural to dramatic.All the eye shadows are very pigmented when usally when you buy a pallet you get those 2 awful colours that just dont show up even when you pack it on.I recoment this pallet for everybody that reads this.Because ive used it every day since ive got it and had a differnt look each day.As i have said this pallet costs £4 and its only availble in superdrug!

13. rimmel scandal eyes mascara, this is one of my two favourite mascaras.It adds quite a bit of volume to you lashes i find it works better when your curl your lashes first.The bush to the mascara is massive and the packaging is really cools and easiy to find in your make up bag. this mascara costs around £6

14. last but not least is the nyc high defintion mascara, this mascara is also one of my favourites.The brush is quite thin ,point and made out of rubber. It separates your lashes really well. IM not sure on the price tho sorry

hope you enjoyed please comment if you hav any opinions of theses products and tell me your favs? much love jemma xox


  1. I've always wanted to try the collection 2000 Concealer, but they don't sell it where I'm at. Lovely post xx

  2. I don't have any of these haha! I'll maybe try a few. I tend to stick to the super cheap brands like Natural Collection :)
    Nice post! :)x

  3. thanks girls! and amy i find if you spend a few pond more its so worth it (: xx